Corporate responsibility

Through our Good Deeds programme, 4finance is committed to making a positive difference to local communities.

The Good Deeds programme invites people to submit ideas for individual or community social projects that they believe need funding. Details about the projects are posted on programmes’ local websites were everyone is invited to vote for the Good Deeds project they would like us to support. In 2014, over 620,000 people voted for 301 projects, proving this programme has a real impact and interest among our customers and ourselves.

Since its launch in Latvia in 2010, the Good Deeds programme has provided more than EUR 1.5 million in funding with parallel programmes established in Lithuania and Georgia. We plan to roll this out across more countries.

At 4finance we are committed to responsible and transparent lending. Our database has millions of data points. This provides us with the data to perform statistically accurate underwriting and scoring calculations. All of our credit decisions are based on our internally developed algorithms and scoring models, which ensure we only lend to customers with the ability to repay the full amount.

With over 128 credit bureau integrations and processing in excess of 6 million requests per year, our risk and anti-fraud systems bring world-class speed and convenience to our end users. Some of our technology’s advanced features include device fingerprinting, ID/passport scanning, facial recognition and online bank integrations.

4finance operates in a highly regulated industry. We continuously monitor the regulatory market to ensure we are always compliant with the regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction.

4finance closely cooperates with government authorities and consumer rights protection groups to support a fair and transparent market environment and legislative framework. In addition, we are a member of relevant professional associations in virtually all of the jurisdictions we operate in.

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