Vision & Values

Our aspiration is to become the global leader in convenient, innovative digital consumer finance by focusing on leading edge technology solutions that benefit the customer, based on a sound understanding of their needs and challenges.

Our values

We are customer centric
The customer is at the heart of everything we do. We continue to provide products that are relevant in today’s society.

We keep things simple
We believe borrowing money should be a simple and natural process. We pride ourselves on being a responsible lender, communicating openly and transparently with our customers.

We strive for excellence
We encourage our people to be bold and pioneering to drive continuous improvement throughout our business.

We use smart innovation
With clever application of technology and data, we can make smarter and quicker decisions that benefit our customers, our business and our society.

We act as an entrepreneurial organization
The world is full of rigid and slow-reacting organizations. It does not need one more!