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Senior Software Developer - Java
Prague, Czechia / Full-time

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4finance IT is the engine that runs all internal and external systems perfectly to ensure both a better employee and customer experience.

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4finance IT is the engine that runs all internal and external systems perfectly to ensure both a better employee and customer experience.

For more than 14 years we have supported the provision of fast and convenient financial solutions in a digital world.

Our products and solutions rely heavily on the automation of client identification, loan applications and scoring without human interaction. The main challenge is to ensure the web interface and back-office, as well as both desktop and mobile applications, are integrated seamlessly and with various 3rd party solutions.

To ensure the best solutions to our customers we work with the newest technology stack in the market. Java 11 and Java 17, Spring, Hibernate, React JS, React Native, Docker, Kubernetes (EKS), RabbitMQ, Ansible, Jenkins, AWS, SonarQube, Spock, Testcontainers, Cucumber, Selenium, RestAssured, Liquibase, PostgreSQL 12.

We are immensely proud of our highly professional, experienced and talented team. Currently our talented team of over 170 progressive IT specialists across four development centres in Riga, Vilnius, Prague and Madrid.

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