Responsible lending

Responsible lending guides our overall behaviour at 4finance throughout the customer experience  

Responsible lending principles

1. Customer Communication
We communicate openly and transparently with our customers. All fees and interest payments are clearly explained upfront. There are no hidden fees or penalties.

2. Underwriting
We score and analyse data from both traditional and alternative sources, which means that we have the broadest range of information available to assess applications and underwrite loans to a high standard. As part of this process, and as part of our commitment to responsibility, we access and share data with credit bureaus and registers when required. Our underwriting process is robust and means saying ‘no’ to those we think will not benefit from a loan – we typically accept only about 30% of all new customers who apply for a loan.

3. Customer care
We offer customer care in local languages via well trained and responsive teams. We use encryption and good practice to keep our customers’ details safe.

4. Collections strategy
Our customers pay us, we do not use continuous payment authority to withdraw funds from customers’ bank accounts at any time. We offer customers the option to control their repayments. If our customer’s situation changes and they experience difficulties, we work closely with them to resolve any issues.