Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond our commitment to responsible lending, local teams are engaged in a range of social projects.


As a participant in the Global Money Week 2019 campaign Child and Youth Finance International initiative 4finance in Argentina (Vivus) hosted 4thgrade students from San Roman School, aged 16, with an objective to educate them and help to become financially involved citizens who are sure of themselves, responsible and capable of making sound financial decisions.


In a partnership with World Vision Armenia, the 3Action project was created to support the skills necessary to help the digitalisation of Armenia, focusing on the development and education of its children. Initiated by the country manager, 3Action provides children with the opportunity to participate in three disciplines – football, chess and coding – as key subjects to train brain, body and soul – and widen their opportunities in future, laying foundations to better understand how world is changing along with technology.

Czech Republic

Various socially responsible initiatives past and present. They include: Support of retirement homes in cooperation with L. Hruška charity. Support of financial education materials published by experts in mainstream media, with the target audience being young people leaving care. Project Restart initiative in cooperation with Veronika Kašakova’s charity, which aims to educate vulnerable young people on the challenges of personal finance and legal matters connected with loans.


Since 2010, the programme Good Deeds (Labie Darbi) supports various charitable initiatives, such as service dog training, environment access projects for people with disabilities, donations for and winter clean-ups in animal shelters.


Solidario is an initiative that provides an opportunity for 4finance Spain employees to choose a non-governmental organisation to collaborate with, providing donations to it on behalf of the employees.

4finance aims to be a good corporate citizen everywhere it operates, working respectfully with customers, employees, regulators and other stakeholders to deliver a great service.

4finance operates in a highly regulated industry. We continuously monitor the regulatory market to ensure we are compliant with the regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction.

4finance closely cooperates with government authorities and consumer rights protection groups to support a fair and transparent market environment and legislative framework.  

We engage with the European Commission on a range of issues related to consumer credit and consumer protection and actively advocate for licensing of all consumer lenders and higher standards of credit data.

Our approach to business

4finance has established public policies on Conduct, Tax and Ethics: