Simple, convenient and transparent

Instalment loans

Instalment loans are unsecured loans, typical amounts range between EUR 500 and EUR 1,500 for a term of up to 24-48 months, depending on market. ILs generally require repayment in fixed monthly instalments, which amortise the principal, with the option to delay the monthly instalment by one month in certain markets.


Minimum-to-pay is an open-ended loan with typical amount of EUR 300 to EUR 700, depending on the market. Customers have a minimum monthly repayment and flexible additional repayments. Pricing and fees charged to customers are transparent, and provided that the minimum monthly repayment fee is met, MTP has flexible payment options, and customers can change their repayment date.


Near-prime instalment loans serves a different customer segment. We originate our near-prime instalment loans in Lithuania and sell them to TBI Bank. In addition, essentially all of TBI Bank’s loans are in the near-prime category.

Single payment loans

Single payment loans are short-term, unsecured loans, and typical amounts range between EUR 200 and EUR 400 for a term up to 30-63 days (depending on market). SPLs are repaid in a single payment encompassing the principal repayment and loan fee, with the option to extend the repayment up to 30 days (payable up front).


We offer deposits and other banking products through our TBI Bank subsidiary, an EU licensed institution with operations in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. Deposits are gathered both offline through branch network (in Bulgaria) and online through digital deposit platforms (in Romania and Germany, via Raisin).