Our Values

We put people first

People – be they our customers or our Employees – are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to help the world’s financially underserved meet their financial needs today and build stronger foundations for tomorrow. We seek to create supportive, rewarding and empowering workplaces that enable our Employees to grow their talent and their capabilities. We love what we do!

We keep things simple

We believe that financial services should be clear, simple and delivered on our customers’ terms. We seek simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. We strive for transparency and simplicity in the way we operate inside and out. We are open, honest, straightforward with each other, with our stakeholders and with our customers. We live and love tech! We believe cutting edge technology can deliver simple and yet transformative experiences for our customers.

We strive for excellence

We encourage our people to be bold, curious and pioneering.  We trial, we learn, we iterate. We deliver continuous improvement across our products and throughout our business.  We are not afraid to fail, we don’t stigmatize failure; we learn, and we celebrate success. We don’t stop at good enough, we seek great. We challenge ourselves and our colleagues.

We act responsibly

We seek to do the right thing across all aspects of our business. We’re a responsible lender, and a socially responsible business.  We care about the environment. We give back to our communities. We treat customers fairly. We respect all laws. We promote diversity, we celebrate differences, we respect and trust each other. We take responsibility for our actions. We lead by example.

We are entrepreneurial

We are entrepreneurs – from start-up to scale-up, from ideation to execution. We are driven by a passion for what we do. We never give up. We never stop! We never surrender! We identify whitespace and deliver unique solutions that give us a sustainable competitive advantage.  We seek not to copy, but to innovate. We leverage the latest technology in all we do. We love challenge, we love solving tough problems, we respect our competition, whilst we love winning more.