What we do

We understand that people sometimes need a convenient loan quickly – to bridge a gap, pay a bill or make a purchase

We offer instalment loans, lines of credit and single payment loans, products designed to meet our customers’ needs. 

We use technology and data-driven insight to provide these services – quickly, conveniently and responsibly. 

  • Accessibility is key. We provide loans online, on-mobile, and at selected retail outlets;
  • Over 70% of our customers now apply on their mobile phones;
  • We evaluate creditworthiness and make an informed lending decision in seconds; 
  • It can take less than 15 minutes for money to be transferred to a customer’s account;

Our business is driven by understanding our customers’ needs and offering a viable, accessible alternative to traditional banks. 

We provide a useful, convenient, regulated option to customers who are not always well-served by the established lenders.   

And it’s working – we have granted over 20 million loans and have strong customer satisfaction ratings. 

Customer satisfaction drives our business. 
We use independent third-parties to gain constant feedback from customers:

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