Bonds in Issue

4finance is funding its growth through diverse and long-term sources of finance

Issuer Amount in issue Maturity Coupon Listing Documents
4finance S.A. USD 325m May 2022 10.75 % Irish Stock Exchange
4finance S.A. EUR 150m May 2021 11.25% Frankfurt Stock Exchange

For documentation relating to earlier bond issues which have now been repaid, please contact the Investor Relations team.

4finance has credit ratings awarded by specialised rating agencies. The ratings reflect the ability to service company’s indebtedness. 4finance has a long-term rating of B2 (stable outlook) from Moody’s Investors Service and B+ (stable outlook) from Standard & Poor’s ratings agency. 

4finance Holding S.A. is the holding company for the 4finance bond group.
Address: 8-10 Avenue de la Gare, L-1610, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, RCS Luxembourg: B171.059

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