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4finance announces completion of Vera Boiko’s divestment

14 April 2022. 4finance Holding S.A. (the ‘Group’ or ‘4finance’), one of Europe’s largest digital consumer lending groups, announces that its former largest beneficial owner has completed her divestment.

The divestment process was set out in an announcement on 21st March. The sale introduces four new minority shareholders, each owning less than 10% of the business. None are Russian nationals or are connected to the Boiko family.  Vera Boiko is no longer the beneficial owner of any shares in 4finance.

As detailed on 21st March, 4finance has dissolved the Supervisory Board leaving the Management Board as the top level of corporate governance. This removed all board members with connections to the previous shareholders. In the light of the new shareholder structure, a new board will be constituted in due course.

Following this transaction, the largest shareholder (29.47%) is Edgars Dupats, with all other shareholders holding less than 10%.

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