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The war on Ukraine

Riga 3/3/2022. The invasion of Ukraine has shocked people throughout 4finance. Many of our markets are in eastern Europe – from the Baltics and the Czech Republic to Bulgaria and Romania – and we feel deeply saddened by these events.

We have nearly sixty Ukrainian employees working across the business. Our thoughts are with them as we support those we can to get to safety. Ukrainian staff can take additional paid leave to help those in Ukraine. More broadly, we are offering the necessary flexibility and financial support to those raising funds, organizing relief, or taking in refugees from this awful war.

In addition, we are making donations to charities on the ground helping with the relief effort. We have committed a total of €500,000 so far to support refugees seeking safety.

We hope that sense and humanity will prevail and the invaders withdraw, in the meantime, we continue to offer practical help where we can to ease the suffering.

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